Once again this summer, under the leadership of Bruce Hobart, a Second Baptist Church team will travel to McDowell County, West Virginia, to serve, this time during the week of July 22-28. We invite you to join us!!!
The team will engage in a variety of projects including:
  • Construction (all skill levels welcome!!!)
  • Vacation Bible School at Emmanuel Baptist Church (we anticipate working with 85-100 children each evening, which begins with a community meal)
  • Nursing home visitation
  • “Meals on Wheels” delivery of home-cooked meals to elderly shut-ins
  • New Beginnings, a storefront soup kitchen ministering to recovering drug addicts and alcoholics

We would love to take a team of at least 12-18 from 2BC. Youth are welcome!!!

Anticipated cost: $325 per person, which covers transportation, food, lodging and a donation for all supplies.
Some scholarship money is available.
Our local partner for summer (and Christmas) missions is Big Creek People in Action, which has been in ministry to the area since 1990.
Home base for the July work week is in Caretta at a camp two miles from Emmanuel Baptist.
If you’ve never been on a short-term mission team, please consider joining this team to expand your horizons.
Your life will be changed by this experience.
In the words of The Rev. Jeremy Bassett in A Mission Journey, “All mission is an exchange: we give but we also receive; we teach but we also learn; we seek to help others be transformed and we are transformed in the process.”
For additional information on this opportunity to serve, please contact Bruce Hobart.