Somewhere in the Big Creek district of McDowell, a 4th grader, named Nathan, will be going to sleep tonight on a bare decrepit bed comprised of a couple of mattresses supported by cinderblocks. Nathan walks a few miles to school each day, rain or shine, wearing old shoes. We can’t change Nathan’s circumstance, but we can give him and 199 kids just like him a certain dignity and personal pride when they roll out of bed and sink their feet into a new pair of tennis shoes. To help
Nathan and so many kids like him, please make a check payable to Second Baptist Church, put “WV shoes” in the memo line and drop it in the offering plate! Do this for the kids and I’ll put the list together, get correct shoe sizes, buy the shoes and personally hand deliver them before the start of the new school year. By the way, Nathan IS NOT fictional. I met him and his sister last summer at our WV Vacation Bible School. When I saw him, I saw myself from a long time ago. God bless you and thank you for taking the time to read this.
Sincerely, Bruce Hobart
Call or email Bruce Hobart for details at 986-7282 or