West Virginia Christmas Mission 2020

This year the COVID pandemic has canceled our annual WV Christmas Dinner Party so …

we came up with the next best thing!

Here is our SECRET SANTA PROGRAM for this December:

If you want to be a Secret Santa this year please send a short email to Bruce Hobart and say something like:

“Our family wants to be a Secret Santa—so please assign a child (or__children to us)!” Please provide any preferences if you have them (age, gender).

Bruce will then send you an email complete with information about your assigned child.

1.     The “ASSIGNMENT” will include family name, child’s name, age and gift requested (most gift requests each have a link where you can order the item through Walmart Online Shopping). You can shop wherever you choose. NOTE: the gifts available thru Walmart Online are typically not in their store. Also, most, if not all, gifts are $30 or under.

2.     Clothing sizes are included in case you want to add something else.

3.     Please

  • buy the gift(s)
  • wrap them, complete with name tags on each gift,
  • deliver them to Second Baptist Church on November 30.

4.     On November 30, the Hobarts will be in Room 104 (Christians In Action), First Floor in the 2BC Educational Building from 1:00 – 5:00 pm to receive and collect your gifts.

5.     If you have questions or comments, please send them to Bruce Hobart. His phone number is 804-986-7282.