We would love to host your wedding at Second

We, at Second Baptist Church, want to aid you in making it so, and our staff is here to help the bride, groom, and the wedding party to have a meaningful and memorable experience.

Your wedding is a sacred occasion. It will be most meaningful to you and your families and friends when there is careful planning. For that reason, we ask that you email Kathy Driver for our wedding policies & fees document, which will govern the plans for your wedding here at Second Baptist Church. If you are interested in learning more about music at your wedding, please scroll down to the next section. We sincerely believe these policies to be the most suitable and practical for all concerned.

We at Second Baptist Church are pleased to be a part of your life as we celebrate with you this memorable occasion.

Music at Your Wedding

It is most important to keep in mind that a church wedding is a worship service in the church, and the music should be in keeping with the reverence that is observed upon entering the House of the Lord. The bride is responsible to discuss with the Minister of Music the music for the service. The church organist is to be used for all weddings, unless a substitute is approved by the Minister of Music. The Bride is responsible for contacting the organist well in advance to secure his services for the rehearsal and the ceremony.

When there is to be a soloist, it will be the responsibility of the bride to see that the soloist contacts the organist. In order to help insure a beautiful wedding and also to maintain high musical standards, final approval of any vocalist’s selections and all organ music played at the ceremony will be in the hands of the Minister of Music of the church.

There will be no recorded music used prior, during, or after the service to accompany soloists or instrumentalists.

Dignity and reverence are of utmost importance in a church wedding. Love songs, show tunes, movie themes, and popular music are much better used at the wedding reception than during the wedding ceremony.

Arrangements for live music to be played at a reception in Spence Hall must be approved by the Minister of Music.

Please contact organist Mary Beth Bennett as early as possible to secure her services and to arrange a meeting to discuss selecting music. The selection of all music for the wedding service should be finalized with Dr. Bennett at least one month prior to the wedding date. Click the button below to download the information form that you will need to complete and bring with you when you meet with Dr. Bennett. Contact Minister of Music Bill Miller (740-7101) to obtain recommendations and approval for vocal selections, soloists, and instrumentalists.

Second Baptist Church has compiled some musical selections that are recommended for your processional and recessional-see our list below. Click on each song in order to hear it. On your information form, note a first choice and a second choice from each group.