As a teacher on deliverance, Neal Lozano knows that many believers struggle with the same sin areas time after time. Yet victory can be as simple as tapping into the potent power of the gospel. By focusing on Jesus and his work, rather than on the intimidating aspects of evil spirits, readers can reset their mindset about their spiritual struggles.

In Unbound, Lozano shows readers how to do just this. He also shows them how to find and close any doors they may have opened to evil influence–and, consequently, Satan’s underhanded strategies. Balanced and full of hope, Unbound is a practical, thorough, and easy-to-follow guide to deliverance and freedom. It also includes practical instruction on praying for others to be set free.

As children of a loving God, we were created to live in relationship with Him. Sin broke this relationship and separated us from God. Sin also opens the door for lies and bondage to enter our life, causing problems like fear, anxiety, hopelessness and shame.

The Good News is that Jesus brought salvation and liberation by dying for our sins and setting us free from this bondage. But even after accepting this gift of salvation, we don’t always fully experience freedom, we continue to feel anxious, afraid, guilty, or hopeless.

Unbound helps us respond to the good news of the gospel and apply truth to our lives using

Five Prayer Keys:

  1. Repentance and Faith
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Renunciation
  4. Authority and
  5. The Father’s Blessing

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Study Logistics:

Sunday’s 5:00-7:00 pm

September 10th – November 5th.  FLC 246

Group Leaders: Tom & Jamie Mitchell, Bill & Virginia Moore

*Childcare worker for elementary age children

*Student Programs: Choir 5-6p, Student Fellowship 6-7:30 pm

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5:00-5:10 Social

5:10-5:25 Welcome/Message/Prayer

5:25-5:45 Worship (3 songs)

5:45-7:00 Separate Men & Women Small Groups

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