God has great plans for you, even in the hardest of days. He loves you greatly, even when facing impossible pain.

In Through the Eyes of a Lion, Pastor Levi Lusko reminds us that even in world that is often filled with pain, loss and suffering — there is eye-opening truth in the power of hope. In his words: “This book isn’t a manual for grieving, but a manifesto for high-octane living, and through it I want you to see that God made you for a purpose. There is a wild and wonderful calling on your life—a microphone in your hands.”

If you are someone who has experienced the loss of a significant other or feel like you are navigating this world alone, join me (and hopefully others!!) in a new Singles Study at Second Baptist Church. Whether you are widowed, divorced, searching for your life partner, or unsure you will ever find that life partner remember you have Him. There is a good God in our presence even when it seems like we are alone. More than anything, it is our relationship with Him and in Him, that gives us the strength, the power and the hope to do life.

Wednesday April 13 – Wednesday May 25

6:15 p.m. – 7:10 p.m. (childcare is available as part of Wednesday night church activities)

Room FLC 104 (right off the Gym)


Please email Whitney Milici and Tom Mitchell, if interested in participating.

If you want to participate, please purchase the book here.