Camp Counselors Needed

We are looking for compassionate camp counselors to nurture young and elementary-aged children in their early development of various sports and recreational games and activities. Experience working with children and some basic knowledge of sports, games, and activities preferred. Counselors must be reliable, punctual, and flexible to meet the needs of the children, other coaches on staff, and the directors of the program. Must be able to communicate effectively and respectfully with children, parents, volunteers, and other employees to reflect the values of the church’s and SportsFest Camp’s mission.

SportsFest is an in-house Missional camp for our church congregation and community, as well as our Portuguese and Aerobic language congregation members.  Hours serving in leadership roles of the camp are considered “Volunteer” hours for all under the age of 18.  A camp bag and water bottle will be provided.  A “credited” amount will be offered as well to equal a dollar amount to be credited toward a missional trip or camp, such as Passport, Worship in the Arts camp, or other church-sponsored events, retreats, through the Second Student Ministry.  Please talk with Ben Brownor Virginia Moore if you have any questions about this exchange.

SportsFest Camp Counselor Registration

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    I acknowledge that by checking this box, I agree to show up at camp every morning at 8:15am and plan to stay until 12:30pm, with a positive attitude and willingness to work with other coaches, directors, and campers to the best of my ability. I will be respectful of others, the facility, and myself while at camp. I will be an encourager and help facilitate the learning of basketball as well as the importance of having fun and being a good listener and showing respect to others in this camp setting.