Greetings SBC Family,

We wanted to remind the congregation that we will begin our Sr. Pastor profile Input Sessions this Sunday, April 15th.

We are asking everyone to please complete the survey in an effort to gather feedback from our congregation on the leadership traits and characteristics we’re seeking in the next Sr. Pastor. Your input and feedback is critical to our committee’s success in identifying our next Sr. Pastor!

Hard copies can also be found at the Greeter’s Desk in the Family Life Center. There will be a box there as well for you to return your survey once completed. Please have your survey completed and returned by Friday, May 4th.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey and providing us with your invaluable feedback.

Below are the input session options:

  • April 15th
    • Sunday School Class Input Sessions
    • Electronic Survey launched (hard copies at the Greeter’s Desk in the Family Life Center)
    • Youth Sunday Input Session in the Youth Room following dinner at 6pm
  • April 18th
    • Wednesday evening Input Session at 6:30pm in the FLC Room 104
  • April 22nd
    • Sunday School Class Input Sessions
    • After church Input Session following the 11am service at 12:15pm in the FLC Room 104
  • April 24th
    • Core Team for the WELL Service Input Session at 6:30pm
  • April 25th
    • Wednesday night Input Session at 6:30pm in the FLC Room 104
  • April 27th
    • Lakewood Manor Input Session at 11:45a
  • April 29th
    • Sunday School Class Input Sessions
  • May 4th
    • Survey window closes

The Input Sessions and Survey serve to work in tandem in an effort to ensure our committee has a complete picture from the congregation–one in which we have a solid understanding of who we are as a church, as well as what we’re looking for in our new Sr. Pastor.

To that end, the Input Sessions will specifically serve to accomplish the following goals and we encourage everyone to attend only one session to ensure we have an opportunity to intently listen and hear from as many members as possible.

  1. To listen to the congregation deeply, and therefore to be better equipped to hear the Spirit clearly as we seek out Senior Pastor candidates.
  2. To help identify where God is moving in the life of Second Baptist Church.

The Input Sessions will seek to gather feedback on the following questions.  We ask that you review these questions and if possible, give some thought to them prior to attending your session.

  1. Looking Backward
  • What was going on at Second Baptist that attracted you to our church?
  • When have you been most confident that God was moving in and through our congregation?  Do you still feel that movement?
  1. Looking Inward
  • What challenges or tensions exist in our congregation?
  • Why do you continue to stay connected at Second Baptist?
  1. Looking Forward
  • What do you sense is God’s vision for our church?
  • What are the reasons a pastor would want to become our Sr. Pastor?
  1. Looking Outward
  • What does our Richmond, VA community say about Second Baptist?

The survey’s focus is to help identify the technical and adaptive leadership skills of a Sr. Pastor who would be called to lead our congregation into God’s vision for Second Baptist Church.  We encourage everyone to complete the survey in addition to attending an Input Session.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to give these questions some thought and to attend a session and complete the survey.  Your feedback will be critical to our committee’s success in creating and developing the Sr. Pastor profile.


Bob Riley

Chairman of the Sr. Pastor Search Committee