West Virginia Mission

Secret Santa “Fleece Blankets” Kits


For many years, Second Baptist Church has generously supported a “Secret Santa” program for kids in West Virginia as a part of our West Virginia missions partnership. Normally, the Prayer Shawl Ministry knitted caps and scarves for the 160+ children we sponsor. However, the current pandemic has prevented the members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry from gathering for their weekly “knitting” sessions, so we were suddenly left without an important part of our WVA Mission effort. Funny thing though — our Baptist women don’t take “NO” for an answer, and they came up with a great churchwide idea to provide warm, fleece blankets assembled in advance of the annual Christmas party.


When the WVA mission team asks children what one thing they would like to have for Christmas, many of them simply say “I need a warm blanket, I need a pillow….” This year, once again, Second Baptist is going to be a part of meeting those needs. Please join the Prayer Shawl Ministry in this new “Fleece Blanket” mission for the neediest of children in West Virginia!

How to Participate


Beginning, Thursday, July 23rd, there will be containers on the benches in front of the Main Commons entrance (outside of the Family Life Center) filled with No-Sew Fleece Blanket kits, instructions, and card stock for creating personal Christmas cards. This is a wonderful opportunity for a family project.  There is no sewing … just cutting and tying the front and back of the blanket together!


After completing the blanket and making a homemade Christmas card for the child, please return the completed kit to the designated bins on the benches in front of the Main Commons doors. The blankets will be stored for the annual WVA “Secret Santa” Christmas party. If you would prefer to purchase your own fleece blanket material/kit, they can be found at Joann’s, Michaels, Target, or Walmart!  If you have any questions please contact Robinette George (804-647-9195), Tiffany Dawson (804-938-9926), or Vickie Ritter (804-347-3815).


YouTube Tutorial –  https://youtu.be/o9S7y6eeQH0


Let’s see how many warm blankets we can make for WVA in July and August! The Prayer Shawl Ministry ladies and the children of West Virginia say “Thank you Second Baptist Church Family!”