Modern people are curious about spirituality. How do we have authentic and winsome conversations that don’t feel formulaic or off-putting? How do we express our faith naturally – in everyday language?


In Holy Conversation, Richard Peace teaches us how to engage in easy and comfortable conversations about the good news of Jesus. Using small, easy steps, he explains the gospel in plain language and encourages us in practical ways to share our faith with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. This is more than information – we will practice engaging with others in spiritual discussions on our journey to become competent and confident Christian conversationalists!


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Fall 2023 Midweek Formation and Fellowship: Holy Conversation

Join us as we discuss and practice the art of “Holy Conversation.” We will be meeting 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Room 246 and, using a study-guide resource, exploring together how to comfortably and confidently talk about God in everyday life. Completing this registration form will allow us to know how many books to order. Thank you for registering!