Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Join us for this powerful 9-week Course that will equip you with practical tools to love people in difficult situations and mature into an adult follower of Jesus.

Sundays 5:00-7:00 pm, optional dinner following study with RSVP

September 15th – November 10th in room FLC 246

Group Leaders: Tom & Jamie Mitchell, Bill & Virginia Moore

The Emotionally Healthy (EH) Relationships Course has been developed over 21 years to directly address core biblical principles to guide you and others into an experience of discipleship that will deeply change your life. In the EH Relationships Course, everyone will learn 8 practical relationship skills to develop mature, loving relationships with others such as:

  1. Take Your Community Temperature Reading
  2. Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Expectations
  3. Genogram Your Family
  4. Explore the Iceberg
  5. Listen Incarnationally
  6. Climb the Ladder of Integrity
  7. Fight Cleanly
  8. Develop a “Rule of Life” to Implement Emotionally Healthy Skills

And since loving others and loving God cannot be separated, each person will grow in their personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence, and Scripture as daily life rhythms.

* Free Childcare, if registered

Order the two study books: Emotionally Healthy Relationships Expanded Edition Workbook and Emotionally Healthy Relationships Day by Day devotional for the course. Or on Amazon here.

Contact the Co-Directors of The Wellness Center Virginia Moore and Jamie Mitchell at Thewellnesscenter@secondbaptistrva.org

Emotionally Healthy Relationships Small Group