The Nominating Committee would like your suggestions for the nomination of Deacons to be elected by the church in September. Please prayerfully consider the following qualifications as you make suggestions of person(s) whom you feel could best serve the cause of Christ through the Deacon Family Ministry. (Acts 6:1-6, I Tim. 3:8-16 NRSV)

      1. A committed, dynamic living relationship with Jesus Christ, and the work of His Kingdom.
      2. Ability and demonstrated willingness to minister and serve in a personal relationship with any person in need.
      3. A personal and spiritual maturity, plus continuing growth.
      4. An ability to work with others in love, tolerance and patience.
      5. A Christian family and home life.
      6. An honesty in speech, action and thought.
      7. Temperance in lifestyle.
      8. Stewardship of possessions, talent and time.
      9. An active church life, including participation in worship and Sunday School, as a member of Second Baptist (member for at least one year).

Please submit your Deacon Nominations for 2024-2027 by Sunday, May 26.

Deacon Nomination Suggestions

Deacon Terms of Service Concluding…

September 2024: Mr. Ed. Blake, Mr. Ryan Boggs, Mrs. Carolyn Bokinsky. Mrs. Pam Bryson. Mr. Miguel

Cervantes, Mr. Thomas Gaskins, Mrs. Susan Hill, Mrs. Janet Pickett Moore, Mr. John Parker, Mrs. Derenda

Reynolds, Dr. Dick Reynolds, Mr. Joao Silva (PLM), Mr. Tom Tucker



September 2025: Mrs. Margaret Bargatze, Mr. Bill Bateman, Mrs. Lynda Beck, Ms. Delight Booker, Mr.

Harry Donati, Mrs. Martha Gibbs, Mr. Jerry Hill, Mrs. Cheryl Jenkins, Mr. Bill Moore, Mrs. Lisa Plunkett,

Mrs. Ann Pryor, Dr. Mike Rackett, Mr. Bob Riley, Mrs. Emily Roller, Ms. Joya Sellers, Dr. Sallie Cook Stokes,

Ms. Anne Stratton, Mr. Todd Willett



September 2026: Mrs. Katherine Bell, Mr. Smith Blake, Ms. Rowena Callis, Mr. Jay Carroll, Mr. Ron Ellis,

Dr. Kitty Glass, Dr. Bill Glass, Mr. Lee Hilbert, Mrs. Richie Hilbert, Mr. Bruce Hobart, Mr. Journey Johnson,

Mrs. Sharon Johnson, Mrs. Mary Ann Lewis, Mrs. Donna Livesay, Mr. Graham Murray, Mr. Hunter Nuckols,

Mr. Bartlo Oosthuizen, Dr. Suzie Park, Mrs. Debbie Perkins, Mr. Russell Perkins, Mr. Art Phaup, Mrs. Ann

Phaup, Mrs. Vickie Ritter, Mr. Bill Sims, Mrs. Sue Sims, Mrs. Charlotte Smith, Mrs. Les Stinson, Mrs. Martha

Turner, Mrs. Allison Webster