The Congregations Around Richmond Involved To Assure Shelter “CARITAS” committee of Second Baptist has set four goals to guide planning for the weeks we play host to CARITAS guests, women July 7-14 and families Dec. 22-29.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively – Utilize focused and timely communications connecting SBC, our volunteers and CARITAS guests.
  • Provide consistent service – Encourage volunteers to serve throughout the week as opposed to one night efforts. Grow relationships through repeated interactions.
  • Develop personal connections – Focus on after-meal times for conversations and activities among our guests and SBC church family
  • Encourage spiritual growth – Identify ways to strengthen the foundation of our home In God’s Kingdom as servants in Christ who minister in His name.
Dedicated volunteers are needed to meet these goals. Pray now about how God can use you to minister to our CARITAS guests. Opportunities are many!