Biblical Problem Solving (BPS course 101) 

God’s Word has relevant answers to the issues we face in daily living. This Discipleship Training Class helps you develop a clearer Biblical world view and better understanding of your place in God’s kingdom. The study includes an intense “self-examination” experience in which one examines such issues as the source of problems, self-esteem, trials, love, anger, fear and change.

Second Baptist is excited to host this course taught by the Christian Counseling & Training Center.  The Christian Counseling & Training Center (CCTC) was established in 1981 in order to assist the local church with the task of training biblical counselors and to provide a biblical counseling service to the Richmond community-at-large. The law of Christ to “bear one another’s burdens” (Galatians 6:1-4) calls every Christian to become equipped for the work of encouraging others in the midst of the struggles of life (II Corinthians 1:3-4; Colossians 3:16).


To register for this winter course, see CCTC’s website at under Training Courses

Daytime class: For 8 weeks, starting January 23rd, from 1:30-3:30 pm

Nighttime class: For 8 weeks, starting January 24th, from 7:00-9:00 pm


Information: The cost for the training course is $49 per person/$80 per couple and includes a CCTC trained instructor, study notebook and optional reading materials.

Make checks Payable to “CCTC”

Mail to:  3602 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221 or pay online:

Need based sponsorships will be considered. Contact Kathi Traficanti.


Room: Education Building Room 19

Contact: CCTC, 804-358-1343 or Ginger Johnson, 804-334-1501