Sunday School Classes

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.”  Acts 2:42

Several adult Sunday School Classes are holding Zoom sessions Sunday morning. If you’re not already connected with one of these classes and would like to participate with them, please contact Kathi Traficanti.

All Ages & Stages

 Christians in Action

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by Joe Traficanti
  • All Ages
  • Bible Study & Discussion -Various Biblical Topics


Life Together

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by Susan & Jerry Hill
  • All Ages
  • Discussion


R.E.A.D. Class

  • Meeting in People’s Homes
  • Led by Kathy Spotts & Various Facilitators
  • All Ages
  • Revealing Excellent Authors & Discussion


Age Specific

Cross Trainers Class

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by Kathy & Wayne LaPlante
  • Coed – Parents with Young Children
  • Bible Study & Discussion


Living Word Class

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by Bill Hobbs
  • Coed – Married and Single; Parents
  • Lecture & Discussion

Parent Talk

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by Emily Boddy, Suzie & Eugene Park
  • Coed – Parents of Preteens & Teenagers
  • Bible Study & Discussion

Agape Class

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by David Moore & John Austin
  • Median Adults
  • Lecture & Discussion – Explore the Bible


JOY Class

  • Meeting On Zoom & in Person
  • Led by Bill Fernald, Charles Samuels & Linda Morrisette
  • Median Adults
  • Lecture & Discussion

Second Shepherds Class

  • FLC room 104
  • Led by Pat Helton, Jack Gates & Darden Battle
  • Median Adults
  • Lecture & Discussion – Explore the Bible

Booker Class

  • Calling Members
  • Led by Gail Griffey, Walter Tucker & Connie Moe
  • Mature Adults
  • Lecture & Discussion – Smyth & Helyws

Young Adult Class

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by Mary Ann Lewis & Bob Lewis
  • Lecture & Discussion
  • Explore the Bible
Ladies Bible Study Classes

Faith Forgers Class

  • Meeting  in Person
  • Led by Various Facilitators
  • Women of All Ages
  • Lecture & Discussion – Explore the Bible


Serendipity Sisters

  • Meeting On Zoom
  • Led by Ann Pryor & Vickie Ritter
  • Women of All Ages
  • DVD Series & Discussion


 Small Groups

During COVID we are not meeting the schedule below reflects a normal manner.

Men’s Bible Study

Men’s Bible Study: Join us as we study God’s Word together on Monday evenings in the Large Conference Room from 7:40 p.m.-8:40 p.m. Men of all ages are welcome! Led by Bill Hobbs.

Emerge Women’s Bible Studies

Click here for more information

Wednesday Evening Schedule

The following is a list of usual events for September through May:

5:00 pm – Wee Praise (Birth through 2 Year Olds with a Grown Up)
5:15 pm – Chime Choir (3rd Grade)
5:15 pm – Children’s Handbells (4th – 5th Grades)
6:00 pm – Dinner (*5:45 Early Bird Arrival) Menu
6:15 pm – Youth Missions: Acteens & RAs
6:20 pm – Preschool & Children’s Choir Rehearsal
6:30 pm – Small Groups (various studies, see above)
6:40 pm – Prayer Meeting
6:40 pm – Wee Praise (Birth through 2 Year Olds with a Grown Up)
6:45 pm – Women’s Ensemble
7:00 pm – Preschool & Children’s Missions: RAs, GAs, & Mission Friends
7:00 pm – Youth Handbell Rehearsal (6th – 12th Grades)
7:00 pm – CHORALE Rehearsal
7:00 pm – Women’s Ensemble Rehearsal
7:30 pm – Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
9:00 pm – Women’s Trio Rehearsal

heARTfulness Studio

During COVID we are not meeting the schedule below reflects a normal manner.

Map to the Education Building

Below is a map of the Education Building and surrounding area so you can find us!

What is the heARTfulness Studio?

• a warm & open space full of materials and infinite possibilities
• a place for conversation, connection, and creativity to flourish
• a home for groups to gather & create
• a palette for artists to share the medium they love with others

The heARTfulness STUDIO holds limitless possibilities of repurposing, reusing, and recycling so called castaway items… of making them into works of art, mosaics, masterpieces. Before you throw it out, recycle it, or give it away donate it! Our studio team, Cyndy Larsen, Leslie Bratton, Kim Kinnear, R.J. Loderick, and Bonte’ Fugatt, can be reached at We are located in the basement of the Education Building, room 3. Check us out on facebook for upcoming events.

We welcome you to contact us if you have any suggestions or if you are interested in using the studio for a group activity or girlfriend night of creativity and conversation!

Specific topics will be added to the classes on the calendar as we plan them. Look forward to more fun classes to come! Some open studios will also have a small project available for $5, which will be listed each time. People can pay by cash or check day of and will pay for either OS or project, not both. You may use any supplies in the studio for a donation of $5 or you are welcome to bring your own art to work on in the space during these times.

Click any of the classes below for more information and to register.

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