Starting the new year with a new sermon series titled; “God Is” – Love, Holy, Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer.

A 5 week series on attributes of the “Great I Am.” A great series to offer praise and celebration of who God is.

January 7 “God Is – Love,” 1 John 4:7-13
Focus of Passage: The Great I Am is love. God perfectly reveals His love through the cross of Christ. We show that God lives in us when we love one another.
Function of Sermon: To begin the New Year celebrating God’s love and recommitting to be more loving toward others.

January 14 “God Is – Holy,” Isaiah 6:1-8
Focus of Passage: Amidst his grief, Isaiah has a vision of the holiness of God. He confesses his sin, is cleansed and commissioned to be the Holy One’s spokesman.
Function of Sermon: To celebrate God’s holiness and help the congregation respond with confession and surrender.

January 21 “God Is – Creator,” Genesis 1:1-5
Focus of Passage: The first thing in the Bible that we learn about God is that God is the creator. The creative poems/songs of Genesis 1 reflect the beauty and passion of our creative God. Many passages in the Bible that deal with creation are poetic hymns (Gen. 1; Ps. 8; Is. 45; John 1; Col. 1). From the beginning until the end, when God will re-create a New Heaven and a New Earth (Rev. 21), God creates.
Function of Sermon: To celebrate God’s beautiful creativity and help the congregation respond with joy and creativity.

January 28 “God Is – Redeemer,” Psalm 19:14
Focus of Passage: God is called a Redeemer – One who buys us back when we have been lost to sin. The Old Testament has many examples of property and people being redeemed/bought back when they have been lost to the family through debt or capture. God does that for us through Christ.
Function of Sermon: To celebrate what God in Christ has done to redeem us back to His family and challenge the congregation to share this message of redemption.
C, Jim “God Is – Redeemer,” Psalm 19:14

February 4 “God Is – Sustainer,” Psalm 55:22
Focus of Passage: Throughout the Bible God is shown to be our Sustainer. He holds us up. He will not let us go. He carries us through difficulties. He gives us His Spirit to always be with us.
Function of Sermon: To celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit to sustain all of God’s children, and to encourage the congregation to live confidently, held and sustained by God’s grasp of grace