A letter from the Sr. Pastor Concerning His Retirement Date

In September, 2017 I shared with the Deacons and congregation my plans to retire. In consultation with the Chair of the Sr. Pastor Search Committee, the Deacon Officers, the Personnel Committee, the Chair and Vice Chair of the Finance Committee and the Ministerial Staff, it is now time to announce the following: 1) that February 17, 2019will be my last Sunday as Sr. Pastor of Second Baptist Church; and 2) that we have agreed on a Transition Plan to cover the time between my retirement and the arrival of the new Sr. Pastor. Here are some of the components of this Transition Plan:
  1. I will plan the Preaching Schedule for the foreseeable future, using the Preaching Team we already use, as well as guests from the BGAV and pastors who grew up at Second. Ben Brown will oversee the Schedule and administer any changes that arise.
  2. Bentley Heese, Chair of Deacons, will be the liaison to the Staff that the Sr. Pastor supervises as well as to the Personnel Committee.
  3. Wednesday night Prayer Meeting will be overseen by Kathi Traficanti.
  4. Funerals will be performed by the Ministerial Staff and retired ministers in our congregation.
  5. Baptisms will be administered by Ben and Katie Vance Lucas.
  6. Leadership of Staff Meetings, hospital visitation, counseling and crisis ministry will rotate and be shared among the ministers.
  7. These various liaison responsibilities will be shared among the ministers as follows: a) Kathi – Language Ministries; Missions Council; b) Bill Miller – Deacons; c) Ben – Well CORE Team; and d) Katie – Finance Committee.
  8. The Corporate Board of Directors will elect from itself an “Acting Chair.”

May God continue to bless our church and use the search process and this Transition Plan to move us into a wonderful third century of vibrant ministry!

With a pastor’s love,
Craig A. Sherouse