Healing Trauma:
An Elijah House Teaching Series
Sandra Sellmer-Kersten
Evening class: 6:30-8:30 pm For 12 weeks, Thursday evenings starting February 8th- May 10th (off March 22nd and April 5th), from
Room: Education Building, Parlor
Group Facilitators: Jamie Mitchell & Ginnie Moore
Join us for a 12-week video-based teaching series taught by Sandra Sellmer-Kersten, a prayer minister and teacher of Elijah House Ministries USA for nine years (elijahhouse.org). Sandra Sellmer-Kersten has effectively ministered this series of teachings in many parts of the world.
Many people experience trauma every day. A sneaky thief of life’s zest, trauma can sink into the soul and cause core wounding that is difficult to notice and describe, but which can affect a person’s life far more severely than some physical wounds. In this series, Sandra’s heart is to do more than put band-aids on people who are bleeding to death emotionally. She believes that we all need to learn how to minister to trauma. These teachings focus on helping people overcome trauma and discover who God always intended for them to be.
This set of teachings includes the following sessions:
• One Drop of Hope Left
• The Many Faces of Trauma
• The Devastating Effects of Trauma
• Prayer Ministry Demo #1
• How Trauma Affects Our Song
• How We Get Stuck in Trauma
• How A Stronghold Develops (and  How to Dismantle It)
• Ministry Demo #2
• The Trauma of Neglect
• Prayer to Release Trauma
• Praying to Release Trauma Corporately
• Enrichments 1, 2 and 3.
Who is this teaching series for?
1) For those who have experienced trauma and its devastating effects
2) For those who love and suffer along with someone who has been traumatized
3) For the Church to be better equipped to minister to those who have experienced trauma
Email Jamie Mitchell, Mitchell3andme@msn.com for more information.
To Order Study Guide: $25, order at https://elijahhouse.org/products/healing-trauma-study-guide?variant=50122870548

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