E-Giving Member Instructions

E-giving is designed to enable you to contribute online and transfer funds electronically. This method of giving will provide confidentiality plus the convenience that online services offer. We understand this method of giving may not be for everyone and our regular offering time will continue to be a part of our Sunday morning services. If you have some questions about electronic giving, please visit our FAQ page.

If you would like to participate in E-Giving, please use the instructions found below.  You will need to have cookies and scripts enabled on your browser. Refer to your browser help documents for more information about these features.

How to create a username & password

Click the Donate button

E-Giving Login

a. First time users will need to sign up.

b. Click on the button.

Member Sign-Up

a. Complete the member profile form and create your username and password. Passwords are case sensitive. Please make a record of your username and password.

b. After completing all information, click.

Sign up Complete (There are 4 options from this page)

a. Click Donate Now to continue to our donation page

b. Click View your profile to view or make changes to the information that you entered

c. Click Go to the Main Menu to view all of the E-Giving features

d. IMPORTANT: you must agree to the ACH authorization form to allow for checking or savings account transactions. This also can be accessed from your main menu.

Once you have a username & password

Click the Donate button

E-Giving Login Page

a. Enter your username and password that you created previously.

b. Click the button.

Main Menu

a. Click Make a Transaction (to use a checking/savings account you must have accepted the ACH authorization agreement. If incomplete there will be red letters at the top of your Main Menu).

Make a Transaction

a. Enter your transaction amount as you choose.

b. Click

Make a Transaction (transaction type)

a. Click the radio button below to choose your donation frequency:

1. Process the above fund(s) now.

2. Schedule the above fund(s) to be processed once on a future date.

3. Schedule the above fund(s) to be processed on a recurring schedule. (for example purposes this is the option that we are choosing).

b. Click

Make a Transaction (Schedule options)

a. Choose your giving frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly)

b. Choose your start date and end date.

c. Click

Make a Transaction (Payment Information)

a. Click down arrow and choose your payment type.

b. Enter payment information for your choice and click

Make a Transaction (Transaction Summary)

a. Verify all information on this screen to be sure it is correct and then click to submit your donation.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your donation is complete.