Below is the message that was delivered by Bobby Ukrop at our joint worship service on Sunday.

How wonderful it is that the body of Christ at Second Baptist is worshipping together this morning!…… In the nearly three months since Noel, Dayna, Maggie and Nora arrived, the congregation has experienced a resurgence in spirit and energy.  Noel’s inspiring sermons have challenged us to be “All In” …… and to have Amazing Faith as our church prepares for its 200th year of ministry…… What a birthday it will be!

The good news is that our congregation has responded with vigor.  With three weeks to go in our campaign, you have already pledged with extravagant generosity….. hopefully enabling the church to increase its support of missions…… Thank you very much.

There are numerous campaign highlights from the committee’s perspective. …. They include the thoughtful, complimentary letters and comments from members of the congregation about how the campaign messages had reminded them of the impact the church’s ministries and people have had on their families over the years…… These responses were full of gratitude.

In addition, we have been involving our children by educating them about generosity and encouraging them to complete and turn in a Promise Card so they can participate in the campaign by committing Time, Service and Resources to their church.   A number of our grade schoolers have already committed to giving $2 per month in 2020.

We have also engaged our Youth and encouraged them to think about participating in the spiritual discipline of giving back to the Lord by making an individual pledge.

We pray that more and more members in all age groups will prayerfully consider going “All In” to experience the joy of the spirit of generosity through this act of worship.

May God continue to bless Second Baptist Church in our worship and service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.